Reliable, cost-effective, financed ENERGY SOLUTIONS

We seek to bring reliable, cost-effective, financed energy solutions to industry and communities no matter the location or application.

With extensive experience working on the ground bringing power to remote locations in Africa, we saw the growing need for immediate, cost-effective power solutions. This is particularly true for mines, which are under increasing pressure to cut capital expenditure. Power, is a significant overhead and finding better, more affordable ways to cover this expense is increasingly in demand.

Determined to always put our customers and their needs first, we took the opportunity to provide customised solutions for our clients by not focusing on a particular product as experience has taught us that there is no winning technology for every location. Fuel and technology economics are location and application specific and policy and regulatory frameworks differ depending on the country and the sector.

With rapid advances in renewable energy technology, hybrid applications invariably bring about the most cost-effective outcome. However, it is challenging to manage multiple technologies efficiently and experienced professionals are needed to ensure a reliable power solution.

Ignite brings extensive experience in providing immediate power to mines and industry in Africa and of developing some of the first major renewable energy projects on the continent. We also have a deep understanding of the complexities of powering mines. This knowledge puts us at the forefront of energy solutions available today, and together with our customers we are reshaping the way mines and industries in remote locations are powered. 

We have extensive networks and partnerships with leading suppliers and providers of financial capital at a local and global level. As such, we are able to develop the most affordable and innovative power solutions available today. This enables our customers to save money and focus their efforts and resources on their core business, which in turn enables economic prosperity and a more sustainable future.




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